Mecha Apes Launch Announced

A new move comes from the makers of BAYC, which is considered one of the two largest NFT projects in the world. Earlier in September of this year, rumors circulated that NFT giant Yuga Labs was working on a new NFT Collection called Mecha Apes and would release it later this year. The truth of the matter was proven when Yuga Labs’ Community Manager Alexei Koseff shared in a tweet that the NFT giant will launch the Mecha Apes, which is expected by December of this year. Along with this, Alexei also announced that a new blockchain-based gaming platform will be launched in parallel with Mecha Apes and will be powered by the native token Apecoin (APE). According to Alexei’s latest tweet, Yuga Labs has opened their whitelist for users to sign up for the upcoming NFT drop and secure their positions.

There has been a sharp drop in trading volumes for NFTs recently. Volume fell 97% from a record high in January of this year to just $466 million in September. OpenSea, the largest NFT trading platform by volume, experienced a 75% drop in sales compared to just two months ago. While the nascent NFT market benefited from increases in cryptocurrency prices and high risk appetite among investors in 2021, these conditions changed sharply in 2022 as the central bank raised interest rates and the recent FTX crisis forced investors to give up on risky assets such as digital assets.

However, will Yuga Labs, an unrivaled NFT company with notable projects such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) and the metaverse project The Otherside, be able to restore the NFT market to its former glory with the launch of the upcoming new collection? following with curiosity. The firm also recently bought some rights to CryptoPunks, once seen as BAYC’s biggest competitor, taking its unrivaledness to a new level.

Kellogg’s UK Enters Metaverse

The UK unit of food giant Kellogg’s, known for its breakfast cereals, has announced that it has entered the metaverse. The company’s metaverse is built within the multiplayer virtual universe Blankos Block Party. It was seen that players were able to collect and trade Pop-Tarts biscuit-themed NFTs to explore the world in the game.

According to the transferred details; The game can be played for free on the Epic Games game store. Most Blankos Block Party users are players between the ages of 18-24. For this reason, it is estimated that the move will allow Kellogg’s to interact with the young audience.

On the other hand, Poptarts NFTs; It contains 3 different characters in total, namely “Hop Pop”, “Punk Pop” and “Glam Pop”. It is stated that NFTs were developed in cooperation with Mythical Games. Other companies that played a key role in the realization of the project include UK-based advertising agencies Carat and Dentsu Creative.

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