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Massive Amounts of XRP and SAND Moved

Crypto whales that moved large amounts of BTC and ETH over the weekend are now also moving millions of XRP and SAND.

Crypto whale tracker Whale Alert has detected four major XRP transactions in the past 24 hours, moving a total of $126 million. The largest single transfer moved 205,500,000 XRP worth $81.7 million from one unknown wallet to another unknown wallet. Apart from this, large amounts of XRP transfers also took place. It seems that large investors may have bought and sold large volumes of the digital asset.

Here are the additional major XRP moves in the last day:

  • 40 million XRP worth $15.9 million transferred from Bitso to an unknown wallet.
  • 41,000,000 XRP worth $16.2 million transferred from an unknown wallet to Bitstamp.
  • 32,043,479 XRP worth $13.0 million was transferred from Binance to an unknown wallet.

Meanwhile, whales holding Ethereum-based metaverse altcoin The Sandbox (SAND) are also transferring millions of cryptocurrencies as a new week kicks off. One of the transfers sent SAND from an unknown wallet to the crypto exchange Binance, where it could potentially be sold on the open market.

  • 57,000,000 SAND worth $44.6 million transferred from an unknown wallet to an unknown wallet.
  • 40 million SAND worth $31.2 million transferred to Binance from an unknown wallet.

In total, XRP and SAND whales have moved $202 million in just six transactions. According to Whale Stats, 0.74% of the 1,000 largest Ethereum wallets in existence currently hold SAND. Among these Ethereum whales, the most held altcoin is currently Tether (USDT) with 17.14%, Shiba Inu (SHIB) with 15.89% and USD Coin (USDC) with 15.86%.

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