Markus Criticizes Dogecoin Community for Being ‘Dead’

Dogecoin was born as a meme-based cryptocurrency, but has grown to be worth billions of dollars over time. However, there seems to be some problems within the community lately. Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, lamented the decline within the community in a Twitter post and described the situation as “dead.”

This critical approach of Markus was naturally met with reaction by other members of the community. However, despite the backlash, some users argued that the community was still spreading positivity. Markus used a more positive language against these defenses and stated that he was happy that the community moved on for its own reasons.

From a financial perspective, Dogecoin’s price performance is currently unimpressive. However, it is conceivable that a decrease in community activity could actually lead to a more focused community. This could be an opportunity for the Dogecoin community to regain its unique place in the crypto world. Dogecoin’s cultural impact is undoubtedly huge. And perhaps these critical comments from Markus can serve as a catalyst to help revitalize the community.

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