Mark Mobius Surprised by Bitcoin Price

The crypto industry has entered a recovery period after the recent FTX events. However, the cryptocurrency market continues its activity in a bear trend. In these painful days of the market, the future of the projects was also a matter of curiosity. Many investors believe these areas are bottoms. On the other hand, there is an increase in the number of people waiting for 10 thousand dollars for Bitcoin. Finally, Mark Mobius, co-founder of Mobius Capital, talked about cryptocurrencies.

Famous investor and Mobius Capital co-founder Mark Mobius stated that he was surprised that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has resisted the recent FTX events. Giving an interview in Singapore, Mobius stated that his next target for Bitcoin is 10 thousand dollars. In addition, Mobius added that it will not invest its own money or that of its customers in cryptocurrencies. Mobius, who spent years on the investment side, underlined that cryptocurrencies will show continuity. Mobius cited that there are still more maximalist investors. Finally, referring to the FTX events, Mobius stated that he was surprised that the BTC price showed resistance despite the effect of these events.

Famous Trader Says This Is A “Good Chance” For His Forecast

Jake Wujastyk, Vice President of TrendSpider LLC and famous trader, thinks that Bitcoin (BTC) may fall back to its monthly closing price of 2017-2019. Jake Wujastyk suggested in a recent Twitter post that the decline in Bitcoin may continue. Expressing that Bitcoin’s monthly closing prices in 2017-2019 could work as new support levels in the price prediction, Wujastyk described this prediction as “a good possibility”.

According to the monthly closing levels pointed out by Wujastyk, Bitcoin’s new support level may be between $10,760 and $13,716. After reaching $19,800 in the bull run in 2017, Bitcoin closed the month at $13,716. Likewise, Bitcoin, which witnessed a rally in mid-2019, reached $ 13,880 in July 2019, but closed the month at $ 10,760. In the past days, BitMEX former CEO Arthur Hayes stated that Genesis could not overcome the liquidity crisis it was in and pointed out the new bottom price for Bitcoin at $ 10,000.

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