Marcus: “We will make BTC a global payment network”

David Marcus, one of the creators of the Diem project, which Facebook launched after Libra but ended in disappointment, spoke about the Lightspark company, which was founded in 2022. Making a statement on a program he attended on CNBC, Marcus stated that Bitcoin will become a global payment tool and they will do it themselves:

If you want to send a message to someone passing by on the street in America, you can ask them for their e-mail address or WhatsApp. Afterwards, you can easily send messages. Because Whatsapp is now a global messaging application. However, we cannot say the same for payment. The vehicles used by US citizens cannot be used by citizens of most other countries in the world. There is a deficiency in this area. As Lightspark, we want to make Bitcoin a global payment tool. We believe that value transfer will be done this way. However, we do not think that Bitcoin will be a money used to buy pizza or coffee.

Marcus announced his resignation from the Diem project in November 2021. Although the Diem project, which Facebook launched after Libra, received permission from almost all the states in the USA, it was still stuck in regulatory obstacles and shared the same fate as the previous project.

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