Marcus: “Crypto Winter Will Probably Last Until 2025”

David Marcus, one of the well-known names in the crypto industry, disappointed the bulls with his views on the coming year. Marcus thinks that the crypto market needs time until 2024 to fully recover.

The volatility echoes caused by the FTX collapse in the market continue to unsettle both sentiment and the price performance of cryptocurrencies. According to Marcus, companies such as Meta and PayPal that play bad roles in the crypto space have many issues to answer. Marcus also noted that the ghosts of these companies will continue to show their effects in the coming years. Marcus made some statements about the bad actors that will affect the market performance in the coming years. “We will not survive the crypto winter in 2023, probably not in 2024,” the Lightspark CEO summed up.

“It may take several years for the crypto market to recover from the havoc caused by bad actors and for sound regulations to be implemented. It may likewise take years to regain consumer confidence. But in the long run, I believe this recovery will be a beneficial reset for players in the industry.”

In particular, it is thought that the four-year half cycles that tend to grow between certain years may face some difficulties. The year 2024 is seen as the next halving year. This year, upward movements in crypto prices are expected to occur. Some halving periods can start uptrends a year earlier. If we look at the current dates, this means that it may coincide with the second quarter of 2023.

Even if the market recovery takes longer than expected, Marcus thinks the crypto market will bounce back much stronger. After the FTX crisis, many names in the crypto industry have made statements for your long-term support for cryptos. Among the executives who spoke about the future of the crypto industry was Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood. Wood did not hold back while making strong statements about the collapse in FTX. While making statements about Sam Bankman-Fried, Wood stated that he never liked Bitcoin and said, “Bitcoin is transparent and decentralized by its nature. No wonder SBF doesn’t like Bitcoin.”

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