Manchester United Enters NFT World

England’s long-established club, Manchester United, launched the NFT collection supported by Tezos. Fans will need to log in using their Tezos wallet in order to receive NFTs.

The club’s first digital collection will be keys that give fans free access to a range of rewards. These keys will be divided into three groups based on their rarity level (Classic Key, Rare Key, and Ultra Rare). The Premier League club has announced that it will also create a virtual world linked to the club’s official Discord channel.

Rewards offered by the club will include access to various competitions and exclusive Discord channels. Key holders will also have priority access to the club’s upcoming NFTs. Users who manage to get the rarest keys will also receive the most special rewards.

The club stated that the Tezos blockchain is also one of the most advanced and sustainable in the world. United and Tezos signed a sponsorship deal in February of this year. The football players of the club are struggling with jerseys with Tezos advertisements on the training ground.

Donald Trump’s NFTs Are Out

Former US President Donald Trump’s 45,000-piece NFT collection sold out within hours. The sale of the collection generated $785,000 revenue.

The former US president made the first announcement about the NFT collection on his Truth Social account the other day. NFTs, priced at $99, also allowed participation in various sweepstakes, including golfing with Trump. In the announcement, it was also stated that people who purchase 45 or more NFTs will be invited to a gala dinner in South Florida.

It looks like Trump NFT whales have already emerged. Currently, 34 wallets hold 100 or more items from the collection. Data from OpenSea shows that 1000 NFTs were airdropped to a wallet prior to the public sale. The second largest Trump NFT owner, the wallet holds 673 NFTs from the collection. Some items are already selling for more than $7,000. A collector bought one of the Trump NFTs for 6 ETH. Trump’s NFT collection has been released on the Polygon network.

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