Major investors, who hold large amounts of Ethereum in their wallets, drew attention to the Ethereum Layer-2 solution Polygon token MATIC, Loopring and 2 lesser-known, low-market altcoins as the cryptocurrency markets recovered.

According to the latest data served by WhaleStats, MATIC has been the most demanded altcoin among investors holding high stakes in Ethereum over the past 24 hours as its price continues to rise, outpacing Chainlink (LINK).

According to the transaction details, starting on Friday, the fourth largest Ethereum whale by purchases has purchased 2,838,000 MATIC tokens for approximately $4.73 million. Other high-volume purchases in the MATIC market were made with MATIC purchases of $2 million and $1.5 million in two different transactions. Looking at the last week's purchases, MATIC is the 5th largest cryptocurrency preferred by Ethereum whales.

loopring lrc

Loopring is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies bought by investors holding large amounts of Ethereum

Another altcoin that Ethereum whales showed interest in was Loopring. Loopring (LRC), an Ethereum-based token, became the 7th most preferred crypto asset with an average purchase amount of $7,865. Loopring is known as a platform that uses zero-knowledge proof, enabling the creation of unattended orderbook-based exchanges on the Ethereum network.

RNDR token

In the last 7-day period, Ethereum whales have also started showing interest in two lesser-known cryptoassets.

One of them, Render Token (RNDR), became the most preferred asset after LRC with an average purchase of $ 7,197. Render aims to allow anyone with a modern GPU to contribute processing power in exchange for tokens, while increasing the scale and availability of GPU computing for artists, designers, and researchers.

Decentralized exchange SushiSwap's own token, Sushi, was also ranked 9th among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in demand by Ethereum whales.

The ninth-ranked Sushi (SUSHI) is the local presence of the decentralized exchange SushiSwap. On average, ETH whales have purchased $6,735 worth of SUSHI in the past seven days.

While the ranking can change rapidly in the top 10 list that includes purchases of Ethereum whales, Ethereum purchases are in second place after purchases of the stable crypto asset USDC, which is in the first place.