As concerns about the Federal Reserve tightening monetary policy continue to affect global markets, Bitcoin has fallen 9% in the past 4 years. BTC's rise above $25,000 had rekindled hopes. However, the effects of the bear market are still showing. Cryptocurrencies, which gradually climbed from the lows of the bear market in June, were again caught in the Fed blockade. Bitcoin failed to deliver as expected due to the Fed's commitment to further increase interest rates and reduce liquidity. U.S. stock futures fell again on Monday. Considering the correlation between Bitcoin and stocks, the pressure on cryptocurrencies continues.

Bloomberg Intelligence senior market structure analyst Jamie Douglas Coutts stated in a report that the Bitcoin price will move in line with technology stocks in the short and medium term. Macroeconomic conditions and the goal of reducing high inflation are considered to be the biggest obstacles to the markets. According to a Bloomberg analyst, the technical outlook is also alarming in Bitcoin. The metric known as the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) has also given a warning sign. MACD turned negative. According to the analyst, this means that the decline in BTC will continue.

Bitcoin Btc-15

As the financial problems of crypto companies deepen, the SEC also poses great risk to the industry. According to analysts, uncertainty in the macroeconomic environment lies behind the selling pressure. However, the pressure from regulatory agencies is also disturbing the investor. Bitcoin lost momentum again today, falling below $22,000.

Bitcoin slid to a three-week low after US Federal Reserve officials said they were not considering cutting interest rates until inflation was under control. Lennix Lai, who works at JPMorgan and is currently the director of financial markets at OKX, made the following important statement:

   "The domino effect we see among crypto firms is similar to the collapse of Wall Street firms in the 2008 crisis. Both crises were largely driven by institutions that set investors on fire and took unreasonable risks. Things are not going well for Bitcoin."