Lufthansa launches NFT loyalty program at Polygon

Lufthansa, one of the largest airlines in the world, has also decided to step into the crypto world with NFTs. Passengers using flight companies such as Austrian Airlines and Swiss Airlines operating under the Lufthansa Group will be able to benefit from the loyalty program called Uptrip.

Passengers participating in the Uptrip program will be able to use and exchange their NFTs later to benefit from services such as discounted tickets, free wifi, and access to airlines’ private lounges. Various collection targets will also be set on the cards, and passengers who are missing in their collection will be able to exchange the cards they need with other passengers.

The program, which has been tested with more than 20 thousand users, will work on the Polygon chain. It was stated that users also collected more than 200 thousand NFT cards during the testing phase. The current loyalty program called “Miles and More” offered by airline companies belonging to the Lufthansa Group has more than 36 million passengers. Other large companies such as Starbucks McDonald’s, Reddit, and Coca-Cola have also created loyalty programs on Polygon, the Ethereum scaling protocol.

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