LooksRare, one of the first NFT markets in the crypto industry and growing in popularity, announced that they have brought a new feature to chat to the platform. With this feature, it is aimed that NFT owners or other users who want to be owners on the platform can communicate with each other by pressing the chat button.

LooksRare reports that they have partnered with Etherscan for this feature and that they can integrate Blockscan Chat. LooksRare also reports that there may be new developments for this application with Etherscan and updates will continue.

   "New button!

Click the “Chat” button to send a message to the owner of an individual NFT or to an account on #LooksRare.

We partnered with
 to make this possible by utilizing Blockscan Chat, and will be working with them to provide chat notifications in the future."


Price of NFTs and LOOKS

LooksRare, which already has a serious slice of the pie in the NFT market, gets ahead of its competitors with this feature. In addition, while this development is taking place, the price increase of LooksRare (LOOKS), the native token of LooksRare, is also striking. LOOKS is priced at $2.25 at the time of writing, after hitting $2.37 with a nearly 15% increase. In addition, LOOKS continues to add more momentum to its rising momentum, with an increase of 37% in one week, 132% in two weeks and 112% in monthly terms.

Bringing the chat feature to the LooksRare platform can increase communication between investors and drive the platform to a hype. Perhaps with this feature, a bargaining environment for NFT exchanges can also be created between investors. The creation of this environment will definitely distinguish LooksRare from other platforms and may cause it to be preferred. Perhaps the prices of NFTs in a free market can also be shaped in this direction.


LooksRare's native token LOOKS provides liquidity on this platform and helps its investors earn rewards. LOOKS is also known for being listed on many exchanges, including Binance. However, investors generally do not see LOOKS as an investment vehicle and prefer to use it more in NFT swaps.

Still, LooksRare's update is thought to have a trend increase on the platform. However, LOOKS is showing a serious price upward momentum. If LooksRare can attract more investors to the platform with this update, it is thought that the price increase of LOOKS could go exponentially.