In the crypto market, CEEK VR (CEEK), which is in the 155th place with a value of 408 million dollars, saw a price increase of more than 30 percent yesterday, with the development of listing on major exchanges such as KuCoin and Huobi Global, although it came back 10 percent today and changed hands from 0.55 dollars.

CEEK price rose as high as $0.64 in yesterday's transactions after finding buyers at $0.42 this week, making it the best performing crypto asset among Metaverse tokens.

Ceek Huobi Global-1

The simultaneous listing of CEEK tokens on their platforms by both Huobi Global and KuCoin has enabled CEEK to gain upward momentum in the ongoing bearish crypto markets this week.

CEEK market cap has seen an increase of over $100 million with the recent price increase. According to some commentators, CEEK is seen as an undervalued Metaverse project in the crypto realm considering its current partnerships and use cases.

Ceek Kucoin

The CEEK price is changing hands at the level of 0.55 dollars with a weekly increase of 27 percent, although it retreated a little today after the 30 percent rise yesterday.

What is CEEK VR (CEEK)?

CEEK VR (CEEK), a project launched in June 2018, is one of the most popular Metaverse-based crypto assets for music and live concerts. CEEK offers a variety of virtual reality experiences in industries such as sports, entertainment, TV, music.

Ceek Vr

What makes CEEK VR unique is its proprietary VR headset and high-resolution 4D headsets available at major retailers like BestBuy and Target. CEEK has significant partnerships in the crypto space, even making an appearance on The Ellen Show late last year. CEEK has also collaborated with world-famous icons such as Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Demi Lovato and U2.

CEEK is the platform's primary service token, which includes both ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions on the Ethereum and BNB chains. CEEK holders can attend virtual reality spaces, charitable fundraising events, sporting events, concerts.