LionTree Chairman and CEO tells Ayreh Bourkoff that he is surprised at the potential of Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto economy.

Bourkoff stated that they are looking for ways to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. He also said that as their ecosystem continues to grow and their relationship matures, it may be more likely to start accepting virtual currencies in the near future. In the future, it may also be possible for the company to create its own LionTree trust token.

At the same time talking about how cryptocurrencies are changing the way governments regulate markets, Bourkoff said that although governments want to control citizens using centralized currencies, it is increasingly difficult to weigh their desire to attract entrepreneurs while creating new regulations.

Ayreh Bourkoff

“Countries globally will have to balance regulation and innovation and weigh their desire to lure a new generation of entrepreneurs against the urge to control them through centralized currencies.”

The growth of the cryptocurrency market day by day has attracted a large number of investors to the market. Indeed, numerous companies have already invested in Bitcoin and digital currencies. This situation pushes other companies to do the same and not to be left behind.

LionTree shows that they don't want to be left behind. They are working to become a leading company in the industry and support the expansion of BTC and other digital assets. Basically, they want to help the entire crypto ecosystem move forward in the near future.