LG Seeks Patent for TV Which Lets Users Trade NFTs

Recently, many companies have been closely interested in cryptocurrencies. Especially companies in the field of technology accelerated their work in this field. Finally, LG Electronics has applied for a patent for a television that can be traded with NFT.

LG Electronics has filed a patent that allows NFT trading for Blockchain-based Smart TV. According to information published in WIPO’s global intellectual property database, LG’s application was filed in November 2021.

LG’s app allows devices to connect to a crypto wallet and an NFT market server to enable transactions. LG also launched its own NFT platform, the LG Art Lab Marketplace, last September. LG is not the only major tech company working to integrate Web3 technologies into its products, its rival Samsung is also actively investing in NFT and Metaverse projects and has announced a new line of smart TVs integrated with the NFT platform.

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