Larsen: “Crypto and blockchain policy has gotten lousy”

Ripple Labs president Chris Larsen stated that Biden and Gensler failed over developments on the Ripple, Grayscale and SEC side.

Ripple Labs president and co-founder Chris Larsen stated that the legal system of the United States and the Biden administration have made crypto policy bad. Referring to their partial victory over the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in July, Larsen said that the regulator has failed to regulate Ripple and the industry.

Arguing that the United States has demonstrated an unsuccessful policy regarding the crypto industry and blockchain technology, Ripple Labs president and co-founder said the following about recent events:

The US has screwed up crypto and blockchain policy here. This is just a start to get that clarity and get us back in the game, unfortunately through the courts rather than the regulators. This is not America’s style. We should adopt the clear rules of legislatures, not Gary Gensler’s decision-making.

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