Lamborghini and VeVe Collaborate on NFT Collection

NFT marketplace VeVe is collaborating with renowned Italian automaker Automobili Lamborghini to launch digital collections of iconic sports cars.

Coming to VeVe on February 19, the NFTs will include the Huracán STO model. Collectors will be able to display their purchased NFTs in the app’s virtual showroom, share them on VeVe’s social media space, and use augmented reality to drive their cars on the streets of the world. VeVe co-founder Dan Crothers told CoinDesk that he is very enthusiastic about creating an opportunity for Lamborghini fans to try out their favorite model and hopes that this collection will help sports car fans integrate into Web3.

“Owning or even just driving a Lamborghini is a dream of many. The best thing about our community of hardcore fans is that they love to collect.”

Lamborghini has previously released Epic Road Trip NFTs. In January, Porsche released the NFT of the legendary 911 model, which was subjected to harsh criticism from the creators for its appearance. Last year, McLaren and Alfa Romeo also conducted their first NFT trials.

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