The metaverse, where users can have experiences in the virtual environment as well as in the physical world; maintains its connection with many fields of activity such as finance, music and sports. Spanish football league La Liga will create a terrain in Decentraland that uses the league's theme.

LaLiga has licensed StadioPlus to use its intellectual and industrial property rights to create a league-themed plot of land in the Vegas City area in the Decentraland metaverse. La Liga has also partnered with metaverse developer Vegas City Limited.

la liga

By developing a special area for La Liga in Metaverse, it is aimed to create a new center for existing fans and newcomers to the league. LaLiga Franchise and Licensing President Stephen Ibbotson said of the multi-collaboration:

   "It's important for LaLiga to continue to innovate to bring the best of the competition to our fans, both on and off the pitch. This licensing agreement will allow us to reach a new and important audience in a major hub like Decentraland."

Stating that StadioPlus undertakes the mission of being a bridge between the sports industry and the future, StadioPlus CEO and Co-Founder Jon Fatelevich made the following statement:

   "We are delighted to have reached this agreement with LaLiga, with whom we have been working together for months on the development and integration of competition in Decentraland. We are confident that we will deliver a great experience for football fans and Web3 fans alike."


Opera browser integrates Metamask and other wallets

Opera Crypto Browser now supports MetaMask and frequently used private wallets. To keep up with this development, the browser has announced its new feature, “Wallet Selector,” an industry-first multi-wallet management tool. This feature allows users to seamlessly choose which of their wallets they want to interact with a particular dApp or website. Wallets powered by Wallet Selector include Metamask and hundreds of crypto wallets as long as they are used as Opera or Chrome extensions. Browsers' wallet extensions are essential tools for exploring Web3. It allows users to discover and interact with a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) and services.