Kusama’s Response to Elon Musk’s Sharing

Tesla owner Elon Musk drew the reaction of the Shiba Inu leader with his post on social media. Musk’s resumption of private messaging did not delay responses from the crypto community. In particular, Musk, who is increasingly turning to the subject of artificial intelligence, has gradually increased his shares on social media. Twitter posts for Shitcoins sometimes receive support and sometimes reaction.

Elon Musk, who attracted attention with his “joke-themed” tweets on social media on Friday, continues to stay on the agenda. The tweet shared by Musk was from the lyrics of Welsh singer and television presenter Rhydian’s well-known song “The Impossible Dream”. Musk changed the first sentence of the song to “Dream the impossible, fight the invincible enemy”. Musk later directed this move to the artificial intelligence product ChatGPT. Sytoshi Kusama, known as the leader of the Shiba Inu, reacted to this post.

Musk’s tweet, “SHIBARMY?” The SHIB leader, who replied, seems to be confused in the crypto industry.

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