Kraken Announces Beta Version of NFT Project

The trading volume of NFTs has dropped more than 97% so far, but consumer interest in NFTs remains. Jesse Powell’s Kraken crypto exchange has announced the launch of a public beta of its digital collectibles marketplace Kraken NFT. The team says the platform allows creators and collectors to securely discover, discover and trade NFTs with zero gas (transaction fee) fees.

According to a statement released by the exchange on Dec. 22, Kraken NFT is designed to enable both professional and novice collectors to explore the world of digital collectibles and trade NFTs securely. The team has made it clear that the platform will initially support a curated offering of more than 110 NFTs with the highest trading volumes in the market currently. Supported collections will go through an “extensive” review process.

At launch, curated NFTs printed exclusively on the Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) blockchains will be included in Kraken NFT’s whitelisted collections, with collectible items from other networks added in the near future. To provide users with a seamless NFT experience, Kraken NFT offers over 200 account financing options, zero gas (transaction fee) fees, rarity rankings and more. Jesse Powell, Kraken co-founder and CEO:

“Kraken has always advocated for free and diverse expression. NFTs allow creators to effectively monetize their unique perspectives and connect directly with like-minded audiences. We believe NFTs have the potential to be the way most people start engaging with crypto. “

Kraken is one of the Web3 companies that has managed to weather the bear market storm so far despite laying off around 30% of its workforce recently. Kraken NFT beta comes right after the launch of Kraken Pro, a platform designed to give experienced traders a better trading experience.

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