Robert Kiyosaki, who worried investors in his latest tweet, has made a critical claim. Robert Kiyosaki, who expects the world to face much bigger economic problems in the future, claims that there will be a huge collapse. Kiyosaki commented on the possible movements of the financial markets in the following periods:

   "US Bond Market crashes. Biggest bond crash since 1788. China's RE bond market crashing. Over 90 million empty condos in China. Bond markets bigger than stock market. I am buying more gold, silver now, and waiting for Bitcoin to go lower. "

For a while, the United States has been going through a difficult period due to inflation increases. This bad course affected the entire financial market, especially the US stock markets and cryptocurrencies.

Robert Kiyosaki

Claiming that the US markets will collapse, Kiyosaki expects this possible collapse to be accompanied by Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency. Stating that gold and silver will not be affected by this collapse, the huge investor emphasizes that he continues to store these products. Will Robert Kiyosaki, who seems to have worried crypto money investors after his predictions about Bitcoin and US stock markets, will be successful in his latest claims in the future? We'll see...

Btc Eth

What's the latest for Bitcoin and Ethereum?

As of today, it is seen that the crypto money industry is on the rise. Digital assets, which have fallen in the past days, started to gain value hours before the weekly closing. Today, Bitcoin, which is the leading crypto currency in particular, is located at $ 22,700. As of now, BTC, which is above the 200-week moving average, may exhibit volatile movements in the coming hours.

Although Bitcoin has increased by 1 percent, it is noteworthy that Ethereum has gained close to 5 percent. BTC, which managed to get a reaction from $ 22 thousand, which is a critical support level, managed to break the seller pressure of the bears to some extent. In the following hours, Bitcoin's overcoming the 23 thousand dollar resistance may lead to much harder rises in the crypto money sector.