Kiyosaki: “This presence will save you as everything collapses”

Famous writer and investor Robert Kiyosaki, who often expresses his distrust of the US central bank, warned about the US dollar. Noting that the US national debt is very high, Kiyosaki highlighted three assets: gold, silver and Bitcoin.

I’ve been saying for years that gold and silver are god’s money. Bitcoin is the people’s money. If the stock and bond market crashes, gold and silver explode. If the world economy collapses, Bitcoin will go to 1 million dollars, gold to 75,000 dollars and silver to 60,000 dollars. Those who save with fake US dollars go bankrupt. The debt is too high. Mother, father and our children are in trouble. I hope I’m wrong. Please be careful.

In a recent interview, the famous investor detailed why Bitcoin is among his favorite investment options:

I love Bitcoin because we have a common enemy: the federal government, the Treasury, the Fed, and Wall Street. I don’t trust them. If you trust them, save dollars and buy yourself a nice bond. I don’t trust these guys.

Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman, investor and author. His best-known work is “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which provides guidance on personal finance and investment. The book was published in 1997 and has since been translated into many languages, selling millions of copies.

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