Kiyosaki: “The crashes are the best times…”

Famous millionaire Robert Kiyosaki said that the best times to get rich are in times of collapse. Stating that Bitcoin should be invested at every opportunity, Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, said that times of collapse are the best times to get rich. These statements brought to mind the millionaire’s past Bitcoin buying suggestions.

Air BNB will lead the real estate market crash. If you want a new home, happy days are coming soon. The same goes for rental property. Crash is the best time to get rich. Good luck.

Kiyosaki has said many times in the past that the US economy would collapse under excessive debt and his savings would melt away. The famous millionaire invited investors to invest in Bitcoin, gold and silver to protect against this meltdown and collapse. In fact, in a post published on his official social media account on August 24, the famous millionaire claimed that Bitcoin would rise to 1 million dollars, and gold and silver would rise to 75 thousand and 60 thousand dollars, respectively.

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