Kiyosaki: “Store Bitcoin and These Items to Earn”

Robert Kiyosaki, a name closely followed by crypto money investors, continues to interpret the financial markets. Kiyosaki, who does not believe in the US dollar, is known to have a sympathy for digital assets.

Claiming that investors with Bitcoin will become very rich in the future, Robert Kiyosaki has attracted the attention of many crypto money investors. Robert Kiyosaki likened pensions to a bubble, calling it “the next global Lehman”. Lehman Brothers Holdings financial services company was founded in 1847. As time passed, Lehman, which managed to become the fourth largest investment bank in the United States, had to go bankrupt with the mortgage crisis in 2008.

Kiyosaki, who does not care about the pensions that everyone is chasing, wants his followers to turn to limited-supply assets such as Bitcoin, silver and gold. Kiyosaki, who expects the price of assets such as Bitcoin, silver and gold to increase, whether or not the American Federal Bank (FED) is successful in the interest and inflation policy, congratulates the investors who buy these products. Robert Kiyosaki quoted the following words on his official Twitter account:

“PENSIONS next global LEHMANN. What are you going to do? Will you get richer or poorer? People who own gold, silver, Bitcoin will get richer when Fed Treasury, Wall Street pivot & print trillions of fake dollars. Fake money savers will be the biggest losers. Don’t be a loser.”

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