Kiyosaki: “Collect Bitcoin and These Items”

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki continues to follow traditional financial markets and the cryptocurrency industry closely. Thinking that the US dollar is no different than toilet paper, Kiyosaki believes that limited-supply assets such as gold, silver or Bitcoin (BTC) are very valuable.

Underlining that these 3 assets should be purchased many times to be protected from crises, Kiyosaki says that a new crisis is at the door in his latest post on his official Twitter account.

Believing that there will be a much bigger crisis than the 2008 crisis, Kiyosaki emphasizes that citizens should buy gold, silver and BTC as soon as possible. Robert Kiyosaki gave the following words in his latest tweet:

Greatest Real Estate crash ever. 2008 was the GFC. 2023 will make 2008 GFC look like nothing. In 2019 Office Towers in San Francisco were hot. In 2023 same buildings have lost 70% of value. What will WOKE cities do with office buildings? Homes for the homeless. GetG, S, BC.

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