Kiyosaki: Bitcoin Is Invaluable In These Conditions

In a recent post on his official social media account, Kiyosaki stated that worse than the regional great economic depression is probably a period of global recession. The famous millionaire stated that unemployment and homelessness increased rapidly due to the slowdown in capital flow due to the recession, while on the other hand, he claimed that the price of many goods and services would be more open to bargaining than in the past.

While warning against the global recession period, Kiyosaki underlined that commodities such as gold, silver and Bitcoin are also invaluable. The famous millionaire has recommended many times in the past to buy commodities that are limited in supply and cannot be managed by the authorities, instead of investing in currencies whose management is in the hands of central banks.

The famous millionaire’s sharing also received great support from social media. Social media users criticized the monetary policies of the authorities and stated that they invested in commodities for their personal financial future.

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