Kiyosaki Advocates for Bitcoin in Fight Against Corruption

Robert Kiyosaki is known as one of the leading advocates of alternative investments such as Bitcoin, Gold and Silver. With growing concerns about the potential strain on the United States to pay off its debt, Kiyosaki has emerged to echo his warnings of an impending severe economic recession and growing corruption in the country. Encouraging his followers to consider Bitcoin (BTC) as a hedge against these upcoming challenges, Kiyosaki highlighted the capital-raising potential of cryptocurrencies and its potential as an insurance policy in tumultuous times.

On Friday, while talking about the country’s current economic situation, the 76-year-old writer and entrepreneur shared his thoughts on the current economic situation of the country and plotted an impending “collapse” scenario. In an environment of rampant corruption and rampant incompetence, he praised the above-mentioned assets as the most reliable protection against the impending crisis, emphasizing their ability to withstand volatile periods, emphasizing that they are like insurance policies.

Continuing his relentless criticism of the US government and the US dollar, Robert Kiyosaki has many times described the currency simply as “toilet paper” and even questioned its future status as the world reserve currency. Kiyosaki had previously pointed out that yield curve inversion could lead to an economic recession.

The award-winning author also touched on the US government’s plans to issue a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), stating that it was a breach of privacy. Kiyosaki thinks the CBDC will serve as a gateway to monitor user activity, spending money, and other covert operations of the government. Instead, he sees Bitcoin as a better alternative and predicts it will hit $100,000 by the end of the year.

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