Ten days before it launched its NFT marketplace on December 30 last year, Fractal announced the launch, and when Fractal Discord went live, it garnered 107,000 followers, according to Kan, in an interview with GamesBeat.

Justin Kan tweeted last month that hinted at what awaits Fractal.

   “Yeah, I built Twitch, it has millions of users & gaming NFTs are way bigger.”

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan's Fractal, an NFT marketplace for video gaming that launched last December, announced a $35 million seed fundraise Friday. Menlo Park, California-based Andreeson Horowitz, along with Solana Ventures, Coinbase, Animoca Brands, Play Ventures, Position Ventures, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, Crossover, Shrug Capital, TerraForm CEO Do Kwon, Tim Ferriss, and Ramp founders, among many others joined the tour.


The Twitch co-founder told stakeholders and startups in the Fractal and NFT community about the $35 million investment via his twitter account.

   "it's not the size of your seed round it's what you do with it."

Kan said in his work with a fresh infusion of private equity that rose three months after Fractal's launch.

   "Crypto never sleeps. We're building stuff super fast, very product-driven, it feels like we're defining how value's going to be created on the Internet again. So if you haven't been following along, Fractal is a marketplace for people to buy and sell and discover gaming NFTs. We've been hard at work at it for the last three months. It has been going pretty well. We've been working with a lot of gaming partners to drop sold out NFT collections , and we have a ton more in the pipeline…"

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A press release from Fractal Friday specifies further:

   “Fractal is building a trust layer in the web3 gaming ecosystem. NFT marketplaces are still the wild west right now, with many teams failing to deliver on their promises. We are working with the best AAA gaming studios with large communities to bring the coolest game experiences to players."

In the next 10 years, blockchain assets could open the door to even greater change in online gaming, from the distribution of the Twitch platform. Kan has set a lofty goal of recruiting nearly 100 million cryptocurrency users by strengthening the NFT market for blockchain-powered digital gaming assets.