“Kabosu” Themed Crowdfunding Campaign

According to a press release from the Dogecoin (DOGE) Foundation, community members are participating in a month-long crowdfunding campaign to create a bronze statue for the “Japanese dog Kabosu”, the inspiration for the DOGE mascot. This move is an attempt to celebrate Kabosu’s 17th birthday, which took place on November 2, 2022. According to the press release, the funding campaign started on Kabosu’s birthday and will continue until December 6, 2022. It is noteworthy that the target of the funding campaign is $42,069.

The initiative is run by the Dogecoin Foundation, Own The DOGE, and Atsuko Sato (owner of Kabosu). It is worth remembering that less than 72 hours after the launch of the campaign, the Dogecoin community raised $32,000. However, after the FTX crypto collapse, there was a drop in the price of DOGE and other tokens collected by the Dogecoin community.

Despite the huge drop in the amount collected caused by the collapse of the FTX exchange, members of the DOGE community are still determined to reach the project’s target of $42,069. Once the goal is met, the project’s organizers plan to continue to raise more funds for Kabosu to help produce a larger statue. According to the press release, the statue will be placed in Sakura Furusato Square Japan, a scenic park where Kabosu’s mother takes him for a walk. It will be a physical place for Dogecoin enthusiasts who have great respect for Kabosu to go to pay their respects. The DOGE community also dreams of placing a statue on the Moon.

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