Justin Sun Will Trade MemeCoins

Crypto billionaire Justin Sun has announced that he will start buying and selling meme coins and promising projects via his public wallet address.

I’ve decided to begin actively trading meme coins and promising projects through my public address. Please note, I will personally bear all potential losses from these trades, and any profits made will be donated entirely to charity.

However, it’s crucial to remember that my investments do not constitute financial advice, and there is no guarantee of listing these projects on any exchange, including @HuobiGlobal and @Poloniex . I am simply trading coins for fun. Always do your own research before investing!

Justin Sun is a tech-focused crypto entrepreneur who founded the Chinese voice-based social media app Peiwo in 2014 and subsequently the Tron blockchain powered by the TRX token in 2017. Estimates of Sun’s fortune reach $3 billion. His fortune is at least $823 million, which is simply the public value of his crypto assets.

Crypto investors and analysts will now be keeping a close eye on Sun’s wallet, as it could be a sign that he might invest in a new project. While there is no sign yet of Sun starting to invest in memes or new projects using his wallet, the tempting anticipation that one of crypto’s biggest whales is in store could keep the meme craze alive for the past few weeks. New wave meme coins like Pepe coin have seen massive gains in recent weeks, pushing network fees on blockchain like Ethereum to very high levels.

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