Jones Compares XRP to Apple and Microsoft

Bitcoin and altcoins have experienced heavy selling pressure last week and prices have seen pullbacks. One of the most affected by this withdrawal was XRP. So much so that XRP, which approached $ 1 after the SEC victory, fell to $ 0.42 in this decline. Although the XRP price has fallen, Linda P. Jones, former vice president of Morgan Stanley, pointed out that XRP is one of the most valuable digital assets in her post on her Twitter account.

Citing the latest data from HSBC and Northern Trust that there could be a potential influx of up to $14.5 trillion into the digital asset market by 2025, the famous economist compared XRP with Apple and Microsoft shares. Pointing out that selling XRP now is a mistake investors do not want to make, Linda Jones stated that selling XRP now is similar to selling Apple and Microsoft stocks in their early days. Tagging XRP at the end of her post, Linda Jones said:

Yes, the numbers are that big ($14.5 T). The money will flow digitally and you own a very valuable asset. You are early, not wrong. Question: If you knew you owned the next Microsoft or Apple stock, would you be in a rush to sell in its early days? #XRP

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