Jon Goldman, former CEO and founder of Foundation 9 Entertainment, known for his investments in game companies, announced a $50 million fund called Tower 26. Tower 26 will invest in Metaverse and VR gaming startups. The founder of the fund, Jon Goldman, states that investments will be made predominantly in virtual reality (VR) games compared to metaverse initiatives.

It is stated that Tower 26 will make complementary investments as well as seed investments. 10 million virtual reality headsets have been sold so far. Goldman, the former CEO of Entertainment, thinks that virtual reality will begin to reach large audiences soon.

While the star of blockchain games is rising, it is noteworthy that Tower 26 focuses especially on VR games. The reason why the fund focuses specifically on gaming, not just virtual reality or the metaverse, is the experience gained by the industry. Goldman emphasizes that there are more experienced entrepreneurs and game developers in the game industry compared to 2015.

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VR game manufacturers have not yet reached the expected point in terms of sales. On the other hand, it can be said that the market is in a much better position when compared to previous years. At this point, Goldman draws attention to the growth data of VR games.

Goldman also says Meta will continue to invest in VR headsets. Thinking that Sony has done a great job with the PlayStation VR headset, Goldman states that Pico and Apple's VR headset production will increase the market. He adds that especially Apple's entry into the market will play an important role in the advancement of the market.

Luxury Design Brand Hermes Takes Interest in Metaverse

Last month, Decentraland hosted Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) for the first time on its platform. A different experience was offered to the visitors at the event attended by many brands. French luxury design brand Hermes also stated that it sees the metaverse as a tool to communicate. The brand, which produces luxury use products, gives the green light to the metaverse.

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Hermes Chairman Axel Dumas told shareholders Wednesday that although Hermes focuses on craftsmanship, it is considering using the metaverse for communication. Stating that they are curious and interested in the metaverse, Dumas added that the metaverse can be a good communication tool.