Joe Parys, who shared his predictions and analyzes with cryptocurrencies on his youtube channel bearing his name to his more than 300 thousand subscribers, talked about 3 altcoins that he claimed to have a 100x probability in one of his latest videos.

Explaining the three altcoins that he believes to have a 100-fold increase in the new video he published on his YouTube channel, Joe Parys said that he has a high chance of being the first investor since the three crypto assets he published are not yet listed on the stock exchanges.

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The first cryptocurrency on the list was VLaunch (VPAD). VLaunch was introduced as the first multi-chain launchpad of its kind, backed by some of the most prominent thought leaders in the blockchain space (also defined as platforms that allow investors to pre-sale new cryptocurrency projects before tokens go public).

VLaunch explained that it is focused on creating value for upcoming launch projects and the community by actively engaging with 180+ influencers in the industry.

   “The platform has two projects currently in distribution and its total value stake is over $27 million. If you stake your tokens, you can earn a passive income by earning more tokens.”

According to the entrepreneur, it is quite possible to multiply your money by staking on the platform and investing in new projects. The VPAD token may increase 100 times in the very near future.


The second altcoin on the list was DOTPad. DOTPad is also known as the new project that will take place in the BlueZilla ecosystem. Wanting to unite the Substrate, Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems, DOTPad wants to act as a unified crowdfunding platform for all things Substrate, a means to launch their development, grow their user base, and accelerate their development for future Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem projects.

   “Entering these pre-sales and ICOs is especially important if you can get in early or if you can be one of the first to enter these projects when they are first listed. This is where you can make some great wins and then continue to multiply your money for all these reasons. Therefore, DOTPad could be your next 100x potential gem for $3 million.”


The next altcoin on the list was VeleroDAO. VeleroDAO is the governance protocol behind USDV, the first collateral-backed stablecoin for Velas, the fastest and most secure blockchain network in existence.

   “This cryptocurrency will be a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) coin and these coins are likely to explode on very new chains. VeleroDAO will be the first decentralized stablecoin based on the Valas blockchain and will act as a governance token.

VeleroDAO will be based on two key elements, the first is USDV, which will be the first stablecoin on the Velas blockchain. The second key element will be its native token, which is the economy and VDGT token. This is the token itself, where the pre-sale will take place. USDV is the first collateral-backed stablecoin on the Velas Blockchain. You can print USDV by adding assets from Velas as collateral.”