Japan’s Largest Bank Enters Metaverse

Japan’s bank Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group has announced that it plans to offer financial services to its customers over the metaverse from 2023. To this end, MUFG cooperated with ANA Holding, which provides air travel and transportation services.

Within the scope of the Collaboration between MUFG and ANA Holding, it was stated that MUFG will become a part of the metaverse platform “ANA Granwhale”, which ANA Holding is preparing to make available. The new metaverse platform is expected to launch with a user base of 38 million.

According to the transferred details; “ANA Granwhale” will be available to users in 2023. Users will be able to visit different stores and stands in three dimensions through their avatars on the platform. Avatars on the platform will be able to interact with each other. MUFG, on the other hand, will make its own financial services available in the metaverse through “ANA Granwhale” as well as in the physical world.

With this move, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group wants to have the opportunity to interact with customer categories that are difficult for banks to reach under normal conditions.

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