Japanese Investors Said “Hodl”

A cryptocurrency research was also held in Japan. It was noteworthy that most of the participants said that they would apply the “Hodl” policy.

A new cryptocurrency survey was held in Japan, which is one of the countries where the adoption of cryptocurrencies has reached a serious level in the world and has come to the fore with Web3 and metaverse projects. A total of 330 cryptocurrency investors participated in the survey organized by Zero Accel, a Tokyo-based media organization. In the survey conducted in 47 regions in Japan, 82.7% said that they will “Hodl” their cryptocurrencies this year.

In the survey attended by investors between the ages of 20 and 60, Bitcoin was shown as the most trusted cryptocurrency by far. While 70 percent preferred the largest cryptocurrency, the majority of the remaining participants said “Ethereum”. While the majority of investors stated that they think cryptocurrencies will appreciate more in the future, they also said that the current market value is not important to them. In the survey, where 75 percent of the participants stated that they have been in the crypto money markets for a maximum of 3 years, 50 percent stated that their portfolios have grown in the last 12 months.

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