Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has launched its NFT platform. In its statement, Rakuten announced that they have launched a platform called Rakuten NFT, a marketplace where users can buy NFT.

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Rakuten's NFT Platform Will Be More Anime Themed

Rakuten announced that they were working on such a platform in 2021, as NFTs gained global popularity. As it is known, NFTs work with the logic of recording the ownership of a work of art, music or item on the Blockchain.

According to the company's statement, users in the marketplace will be able to trade NFTs in areas such as music, anime, sports and entertainment. NFT artwork and videos purchased by users will be added to buyers' collections and showcased on their profiles.

The company also announced that users can earn Rakuten points with their purchases in the marketplace with their own ID numbers.

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In addition, the shopping giant stated that on the NFT sales platform, artists can create their own websites and sell the NFTs they create by publishing them. A large number of anime-themed NFTs are expected to be available for sale at the launch of the sales platform.

The company has long been known for conducting various trials in the blockchain technology space. In addition, the Japanese giant company has been supporting payments with Bitcoin since 2015. In addition, the company is currently conducting a cryptocurrency trial called Rakuten Coin to distribute Rakuten points based on cryptocurrencies. However, the company has been operating under Rakuten Wallet Inc. since 2019. It also operates its own cryptocurrency exchange, which its branch manages.