Japan wants to catch the crypto wind in Asia

Startups in Japan will be able to receive investments through cryptocurrency issuance in the coming periods. According to the news of the Japanese site Nikkei, the Japanese Government has relaxed its existing policy on cryptocurrencies and introduced new rules in order to support initiatives. According to the decision, new businesses will be able to offer cryptocurrency instead of shares to provide financing. In this way, it is aimed to increase the adoption of the sector, considering that the country is lagging behind in the field of crypto, while on the other hand, it is aimed to facilitate the fund raising processes of startups.

This important step taken by the Japanese Government was brought to the agenda as part of a series of measures taken to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. The current practice to be put into effect will be valid for limited partnerships that invest in securities issued by enterprises. Thus, while the financing sources of new businesses in the country will be diversified, investors will be offered more options and will contribute to the spread of financing to the base.

Countries in the Asian region have stood out with their activities in the field of crypto and blockchain in recent years. Among these countries, China stood out as the most assertive country in this field by launching the central bank digital currency (CBDC), even though it banned all use of cryptocurrencies in the country. On the other hand, Hong Kong has taken concrete steps with the aim of becoming a global crypto center since the beginning of this year. Japan, on the other hand, took strict measures in this field, somewhat disrupting the development of the sector in the country. South Korea has witnessed important projects, especially in the field of Metaverse and Blockchain. Currently, Japan has made an important move for the development of the sector in the country, while relaxing its policy towards the crypto industry by allowing new businesses to raise funds with crypto.

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