Jack Butcher Releases The “Elements” Collection

Jack Butcher, founder of Visualize Value and behind the Checks VV NFT collection, publishes the Checks Elements project, which blends generative artworks with hand-drawn physical prints. Check Elements is a 152-piece collection inspired by the classic properties of earth, fire, water and air. Each piece in the collection is an algorithmically unique combination of the colors that make up these elements. The collection reflects “the ongoing relationship between consensus and reality”. Butcher says:

Elements is the first example of conceptually decentralized consensus. We didn’t get to feel the DNA of the project until we turned the checks into a physical work of art, so we spoke with Jean Robert Milant, a pioneer in print.

Butcher also explained that to create this new collection, his team changed the algorithm that created the original collection and added some new parameters. These SVG files were then converted into hand drawn 30 x 43 inch mono prints using a vintage lithographic press.

Each color in the collection was added one by one based on the algorithmic outputs created by Butcher and his team. Each physical artwork was then verified using Butcher’s fingerprint and paired with an Ethereum-based NFT. Water, air, and earth, three of the four “alpha” elements, will be available for sale at Christie’s at auction, which begins May 16 and ends May 23. Some of the proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Physical and digital works will be exhibited in the gallery from 20 May.

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