Is the Uptrend Beginning for VRA?

Recently, it seems that metaverse products have started to increase their popularity again. The fact that Apple will introduce the new AR / VR glasses on June 5, has somewhat increased the interest in metaverse altcoins. Many crypto money investors are researching metaverse altcoins, which may experience significant rises in the future.

Verasity (VRA), which has attracted the attention of many crypto money investors with the rises it has experienced in the past, has experienced serious decreases in the last period. Michael Van De Poppe, a successful cryptocurrency analyst, thinks that VRA may rise again in the future. Poppe quoted the following in his final analysis:

“We might see whether we’re going to reverse from here, but it looks like it. I expect a continuation to $0.006 from here. If that area breaks, that’s when the acceleration comes in. Investment wise; Great accumulation period.”

As of now, Poppe, who thinks that VRA will rise up to $ 0.006, expects much larger jumps in VRA if this resistance is broken. Although it is not known whether VRA will be able to break the $0.006 resistance, a breakout of this resistance could bring a rally to $0.01.

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