According to the latest developments, FTX wants to buy BlockFi, one of the companies deeply affected by the crypto collapse, for a very low price of $ 25 million.

In the information conveyed to CNBC by sources close to the company, it was stated that the BlockFi sale could take place in the near future. However, there are also rumors that the sales figure will not be that low. Because BlockFi announced that it increased its value to $ 3 billion after raising $ 250 million in funds last year in its investment round.

In addition, BlockFi CEO Zac Prince, in a way, confirmed the sales news on Twitter, and underlined that the $ 25 million sales figure does not reflect the truth.


On the other hand, the surge in interest in BlockFi came after FTX abandoned Celsius. According to sources close to the subject, FTX initially wanted to buy Celasun, but abandoned this decision after the company's financial situation was examined. As the reason, it is said that there is a deficit of approximately 2 billion dollars in the declared balance sheet of the crypto loan company.

On top of that, it now appears that FTX has made an attempt to buy BlockFi, which it recently provided a $250 million loan to. FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, said in a statement this week that it is important to provide support in such situations to restore financial stability and protect investors. Bankman-Fried also said that many startups in the crypto industry have gone bankrupt and bankruptcies may continue.


FTX is known to have made loans to BlockFi and Voyager Digital, along with Alameda Research, to support struggling crypto companies in June. While the effort to save BlockFi, to which FTX has already allocated a loan of $ 250 million, is considered normal, the said $ 25 million sales amount can be considered in addition to this loan amount during the purchase process.

BlockFi came to the fore last year when it was penalized by the SEC for the unregistered sale of high-yield loan products. At the time, the SEC and some US state regulators fined the company $100 million, and the company has been in financial trouble since then.

Now, cryptocurrency exchange FTX may seek to bail out by acquiring BlockFi, with which it has a business relationship, abandoning Celsius, which has been trying to restructure its debt and suspended customer transactions last month.