IOST Partners With Amazon

IOST, one of the most important altcoins in the crypto money industry, shared a new announcement. IOST, which is also listed on Binance, the largest exchange in the industry, has partnered with technology giant Amazon.

Announcing that it has signed a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the IOST team conveyed the following words on the subject:

“We are excited to share that IOST has entered into a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive the advancement of Web 3.0. With a shared vision and complementary expertise, IOST and AWS are committed to creating a secure and scalable blockchain platform that delivers a seamless user experience.

AWS is a leading cloud computing platform that offers an extensive range of services such as computing, storage and database, machine learning, artificial intelligence, infrastructure analysis, and the Internet of Things. As one of the world’s most widely used cloud platforms, AWS has provided over 200 services for global data centers, making it a diverse, fair, and inclusive ecosystem for start-ups, large enterprises, and government agencies.

By collaborating with AWS, IOST aims to integrate AWS Web 3.0 solutions into its ecosystem and enhance its offerings in DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Web 3, and the metaverse. Leveraging AWS’s global reach, robust network computing power, AI/ML tools, and decentralized IT architecture, IOST will onboard more developer teams worldwide to create a secure and distributed digital economic system.

This partnership represents a significant milestone as we collectively work towards realizing the full potential of Web 3.0. With the support of AWS infrastructure and expertise, we are confident in our ability to expand and strengthen the IOST ecosystem.”

Announcing this huge partnership in the past few minutes, IOST seems to have managed to attract the attention of crypto money investors again.

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