India’s stance on crypto will be clear soon

A crypto statement came from an official official in India, which has recently become the most populous country in the world and the interest in cryptocurrencies has increased significantly. As you may remember, India, where the G-20 was held, submitted a proposal on crypto regulations. In the file, it was stated that cryptocurrencies should be regulated on a global scale and the laws should not vary from country to country. Answering journalists’ questions on the subject, Ajay Seth, head of the Indian Department of Economic Affairs, said:

We will wait for the results of the report we gave to G-20 countries. According to this result, India’s stance on crypto will be clear in a few months.

As it is known, India has been known for its hesitant attitude towards crypto for a long time. For a while, it was considered a complete ban on cryptocurrencies in the country, but this decision was later abandoned. Last year, a 30 percent tax rule was introduced for earnings made through cryptocurrencies.

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