Indian Finance Minister: “We Are Not Against Blockchain”

In India, which has a serious gold culture of its people and where serious investments have been made in “meme coins” recently, a statement of blockchain technology and crypto money came from the Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman. Speaking at an organization she attended in Bengaluru, one of the largest cities in India, Sitharaman used the following statements:

Blockchain technology gives us all great opportunities. We can use it in many fields. Therefore, we are not against this technology, but the money side is different. Cryptocurrencies should be strictly controlled by either the central bank or the government. If this is not done, it could have exponential effects on the world like FTX.

Stating that the global world is now closely interconnected, the finance minister said:

The global order has become so interconnected that even if a country bans cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t make much of an impact. This technology knows no bounds.

As it is known, the issue of banning cryptocurrencies in India has been discussed for a long time. After the 30% tax law, many companies had to move to other cities and countries, especially Dubai. However, not everything is negative about cryptocurrencies in the country. Starting next year, students in India will also be given lectures on cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. India stands out as one of the countries that train the most software developers in the world. Many world-renowned software companies also have offices in the country, where approximately 3 million software engineers graduate every year.

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