Kraken cryptocurrency exchange research unit claimed that SOL is preparing for a very important rally in the coming months. According to Kraken researchers, in the first quarter of 2022, Solana could set a new record and position just below Ethereum.

Emphasizing that Solana has been on the rise since the beginning of 2020 and has gained an important place; According to the crypto exchange, Solana sees the drop, which started from a record $ 260 recently, as preparation for a new rally.

   “One of the biggest cryptocurrencies, Solana, is in the early stages of the fourth wave of the 'price discovery' phase. Accordingly, we may see a new uptrend in the fourth wave of price discovery and the wedge pattern may be broken.”

Kraken researchers claim that the recent drop in Solana price is definitely positive and a serious rally can be seen from the $170 support. It is stated that this increase can go up to the 255% level, which corresponds to $ 425 and above.


SOL, which has a market value of 52 billion dollars at the moment, will reach a market value of over 125 billion dollars after such an increase. Binance Coin seems to have a market cap of $95 billion as of now, and SOL may surpass even that with its new rise.