Shiba Inu's community, which has rapidly increased its popularity among joke-themed crypto assets, focused on the big announcement to be made by the SHIB team.

The developers for the Shiba Inu recently signaled some positive developments to the community with tips and introductions. Although there is no clear information about the details of the development yet, various rumors about the subject are circulating.

Social media posts contain some clues about the March 30 announcement. It is thought that the announcement will be in the form of announcing the details of the sale of maps and virtual land related to the Shiba Inu Metaverse, where users can interact with each other. Other rumors suggest that virtual land sales can be integrated with the popular NFT platform OpenSea.

SHIB saw a 38 percent increase in value along with the overall market trend, from a low of $0.00002150 in March to $0.00002966 earlier this week. Shiba price, which has seen some correction from the weekly high, is currently changing hands at $0.000027 while maintaining an uptrend.

The most recent development regarding the Shiba Inu has included its listing on the Netcoins platform, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Vancouver, Canada. Netcoins allow Canadians to buy, sell and hold different types of cryptocurrencies. Besides, the biggest feature of the platform is that it is the first fully regulated public crypto trading platform in Canada.

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Fashion designer John Richmond announced the SHIB and LEASH burning program for the online store in mid-March. The interest of a global fashion brand in the Shiba Inu was considered a significant development among the community.

In addition to these developments regarding the use case of SHIB, the interest of Ethereum whales in the Shiba Inu token does not fall off the agenda. Recent Blockchain data shows that $5 million worth of SHIB tokens were acquired last week.

Intotheblock data shows that major investors have increased their Shiba Inu trading activity by 350 percent in the last 24 hours. As a result of this increase in activity, which was linked to the March 30 announcement, it has been noted that since yesterday, the 3 largest Ethereum whales received 622 billion SHIB tokens worth $ 16.72 million in 4 transactions in total.