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Immutable and Polygon Labs Partnered

In the cryptocurrency market, eyes were turned to the Immutable X (IMX) project yesterday. Announcing that they will announce a major development, the developers of Immutable X announced that the highly anticipated news is a partnership with Polygon. As part of the partnership, an “Immutable zkEVM” will be created that will be linked to Polygon’s zkEVM, which will be operational on March 27. The main goal of the partnership will be to provide a better environment for developers in the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

According to official statements, Immutable zkEVM will be available in the coming months. Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon Labs, said that this solution, which will be provided with Immutable X, will significantly simplify things for developers. According to the statements, this solution will allow the development of larger games with zkEVM. Thus, the Web3 game ecosystem will be opened to wider audiences.

Wyatt added that Immutable and Polygon Labs have come together and partnered even though they are actually in competition, which is one of the biggest features of the new ecosystem. After the news, a serious fluctuation was seen in the price of IMX. The altcoin, which had previously risen to $1.59 with the positive atmosphere in the market, declined to $1.20.

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