“If BTC Holds At This Level, $150,000 Journey Begins”

Mike Alfred, CEO of Digital Assets Data of Bitcoin company NYDIG, shared on his official social media account on January 31, stating that if Bitcoin regains $ 23,133 and holds on, $ 150 thousand will become inevitable. The famous CEO believes that $ 23,133 thousand, which is an important region for Bitcoin on the monthly chart, will start the journey of $ 150 thousand if favorable conditions occur.

Claiming to base his analysis on mathematical values, Alfred’s sharing was supported by users on social media. Users supported the CEO’s post on social media and expressed their opinions in the same direction. It has been seen that Alfred’s supporters mostly believe that Bitcoin will rise above $ 150 thousand with expansionary monetary policies in the near future.

On the other hand, Ari Paul, founder of crypto hedge fund BlockTower Capital, made similar statements to Alfred in the recent past. Paul stated that he thinks Bitcoin will reach the level of 110 thousand dollars towards the end of 2024, and stated that this prediction is not as radical as it seems.

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