Announcing that he bought Bitcoin with half of his money in July of last year, Kraken Co-founder and CEO Jesse Powell said that if the Bitcoin price drops below $20,000, he will “heavy buy”.

Despite the collapse of the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell seems completely carefree. In July 2021, when the BTC price was around $30,000, he shared in a tweet that he invested half of his current wealth in cryptocurrencies. Saying that he did not make any sales in the last drop, Powell announced that if the price of BTC drops below $ 20,000, he will buy Bitcoin with all his money.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell

Kraken CEO recommended that people who can't hold their own in their investments during times of increased volatility should sell them so they can get there faster.

   "I spent half my available capital to buy #BTC at $30k in July. Still holding, ofc. I told myself I'd have to see $20k to go all-in. Godspeed, paperhands. Godspeed."

Jesse Powell said last year that if BTC is worth less than $40,000, people should invest in Bitcoin. The price of BTC was hovering around $ 50,000 at the time of this announcement. He argued that in line with his advice to investors, the US dollar would become “zero”. Powell also touched upon Bitcoin once again shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Then Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov asked cryptocurrency exchanges to ban Russian-based users from their platforms.

Powell said he understands the “reason for this request” but that Kraken cannot block its services for a specific group of customers without a legal obligation, that Bitcoin, which he describes as “the embodiment of libertarian values”, should be allowed to be handled by everyone. He also argued that many crypto holders in Russia are probably against the Putin regime and the war in Ukraine.