“I Will Buy More Bitcoin, Gold, Silver With Fake Money ($)”

Noting that in 2022, more than 144,000 people lost their jobs in the tech industry and 66,000 more were laid off so far this year, Robert Kiyosaki tweeted that everything, including gold, silver and Bitcoin, will collapse on Friday. However, he told his 2.3 million Twitter followers not to panic, adding that he would use what he called “fake” dollars to buy more gold, silver and Bitcoin, which he called “real money”.

“CRASH is here. Silicon Valley first dominos fall laying off 144,000 in 2022. 66,000 more 2023. VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE predicted by Stansberry Research. Everything will crash including prices gold, silver, BC. Do not panic. Good news. I will buy more G,S,BC, real money w/ fake $.”

Kiyosaki had previously explained that gold, silver, and BTC are real money, while the US dollar is fake money because it depends on the full faith and credit of the United States, rather than “depending on real money” like gold. The famous writer has repeatedly stated that he does not trust the Biden administration, the Treasury, the Federal Reserve or Wall Street.

It has also repeatedly warned of market crashes, including the “biggest crash in world history.” In October last year, he advised investors to buy gold, silver and bitcoin, saying the stock, bond and real estate markets would collapse as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates. On the other hand, the famous economics writer expects Bitcoin investors to get richer when the Fed turns and prints trillions of dollars.

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