Shooting Star, Hyundai Motor Company's first dedicated metamobility NFT collection, makes Hyundai the first automobile brand in the industry. The entry into the world of NFT started with Hyundai's limited edition collection called Meta Kongz. Hyundai, which has created a special website for the online community as well as special channels on Discord and Twitter for the NFT community, has reached close to 127 thousand members so far. Twitter reached 86 thousand people in a short time.

meya kongz

Using communication channels in the most effective way 24/7 for more unlimited technology and mobility, Hyundai hosts various events for NFT. Members actively serve the community by posting their own posts and photos. Members buy the shares they like and use them for their own work or for hobby purposes.

Hyundai will sell 10,000 photos on the official NFT website on May 9-10 under the name Ethereum-based "Shooting Star" NFT. While Hyundai chose this system because of its reliability, it also plans to modify it to be more sustainable in the future.

The sale of an NFT in the form of a shooting star will be followed by the latest film of ‘Hyundai x Meta Kongz,’ which ends with ‘Kongz’ finding a shooting star stuck in a Hyundai Pony windshield wiper. Starting with the sale, Hyundai Motor will create a full-fledged NFT project within the concept of its ‘Metamobility universe.’

Thomas Schemera

Hyundai Global Marketing Director Thomas Schemera said the following regarding technological developments;

   “With our Shooting Star NFTs, we expand the Hyundai brand experience into the metamobility universe. We create unique opportunities for our NFT members to join in the fun. We plan to offer more benefits to create more unique NFTs based on the metamobility universe concept and expand memberships going forward. Everyone is a part of our experimental journey. We invite you to be."