Matthew Hyland, who sometimes managed to attract attention in the crypto market with his successful predictions, mentioned the bear cross in his last Bitcoin (BTC) comment.

Rigorous movements continue to take place in Bitcoin, especially today. Influenced by the statements made by the FED, Bitcoin (BTC) follows a fluctuating course. The leading cryptocurrency, which has generally fallen recently, could have experienced much worse declines if it had not returned from the $ 38,500 level.

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Evaluating this issue, successful analyst Hyland cited the bear cross in the MACD indicator in Bitcoin's 3-day chart special. Explaining that the 3-day MACD indicator will give a sell signal if Bitcoin continues to depreciate, analyst Hyland emphasizes that these incoming sell signals will deeply affect the leading crypto money.

As of now, Bitcoin, which has managed to return from the end of the intersection, seems to experience a long bear trend if it loses the support of $ 38,500 in the coming days.

   "#Bitcoin is once again very close to avoiding a 3-DAY MACD Bear Cross that closes later today:"

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Stating that Bitcoin must break the Super Trend on the 3-day chart in order to start rising, Hyland explained the critical level for his followers.

Believing that Bitcoin will gain value very sharply after breaking $48,900, Matthew believes that BTC will rally, leaving behind the worries of a sharp fall.

Stating that the 3-day Super Trend has never been wrong before, Hyland expects upward breakdowns again in the coming days.

   "#Bitcoin needs to break $48.9k to flip the 3-Day Supertrend bullish:"

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Cryptocurrencies, which saw a correction yesterday evening, started the new day with buyers and towards the evening hours, the total market value rose to $ 1.95 trillion, the highest value of the week. A mixed trend is observed among cryptocurrencies depending on the price fluctuation in the last 24 hours. Towards evening hours, 56 crypto assets were positive, while 44 were negative compared to yesterday's price.